Green Tourism & Environmental Responsibility

Aiming Green

Since arriving at Wheeldon Trees Farm in 2007, we have committed to creating a home and business where we could practice our ideals for living and working with a minimal impact on the environment.

• We are continuously looking at ways to improve how we do things
• As a very minimum, we comply with all relevant environmental legislation
• We are committed to raising the awareness of our guests, cleaners, maintenance staff, suppliers and fellow industry professionals with regards to sustainability issues (and how they can help)
• We monitor and review our environmental performance on a regular basis

Here are the key actions that we are already taking:

• We recycle glass, paper, tins, cardboard, milk/fruit juice cartons and plastic
• All kitchen waste – cooked and uncooked – is ‘fed’ to our on-site hot composter
• We supply our guests with recycled toilet paper, kitchen paper, silver foil and tissues

• We have installed a ground source heat pump. This clever machine converts stored solar energy in the ground to provide central heating and hot water and only uses a small amount of electricity to power the pump. No need for gas or oil !
• We have replaced all external cottage doors and frames with specially designed draught proof closings to reduce heat loss
• We have invested heavily in insulating the solid stone walls of our cottages with rigid insulation boards behind plasterboard lining and added extra insulation in the loft spaces
• We have installed low energy lighting throughout (almost all bulbs are now LEDs) and minimum ‘A’ rated appliances
• We buy our electricity from Ecotricity – although not the cheapest, we like the fact that they are investing heavily in renewable energy sources

• Toilets in all our cottages are dual-flush
• Our shower heads, bathroom and kitchen taps are fitted with aerators that reduce water flow

We give preference to purchasing products and services that are :

Produced locally & contribute to the conservation of The Peak District / Produced locally / Supplied locally / Supplied in bulk / Recycled alternatives / Environmentally friendly alternatives

• We offer a discount for those guests who choose to arrive by public transport or by bike, and can arrange collection from nearby train and bus stations
• We refund our guests the cost of local bus journeys during their stay
• We have bought four electric bikes which are available for our guests free of charge during their stay
• We have produced a series of self-guided walks from the door with instructions and maps
• We drive a hybrid Toyota Prius !

Our Natural environment
• We have created a wildflower meadow sown with locally sourced limestone-loving wild seed
• We have planted over 700 native trees in conjunction with the Woodland Trust – ash, beech, silver birch, field maple, scot’s pine, rowan, spindle, hazel, hawthorn and dogwood
• We maintain the dry stonewalls that form the boundaries of our fields